Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life is still an adventure...

Like so many things in life, we started off with great intentions. Oh well - so we didn't quite get through 2010 with noting all of our fabulous adventures. Life happened, and we were busy enjoying it.

So here are a few things that have happened since then:
  • Bought a house in January 2011 (after months and months of hunting. Our realtor is a saint.)
  • In April Baby Jude arrived (the cutest, and most amazing baby ever, if I do say so myself)
  • I stopped working full time (July 2011)
There area million other things that have happened along the way, but these seem to be the big ones. Maybe rather than trying to create new adventures, we'll just blog about them as they happen. Life is good and we're enjoying it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 8 - Half Marathon!

I did it. Need I say more? On March 7, 2010, I "ran" my first half marathon (The Disney Priness Half Marathon in Orlando, FL). Yes, I said first. Hopefully there will be many more. It was that good. I ran it very slow, and I was incredibly tired when it was all said and done, but it was amazing. It ranks up there in the top 5 things I'm most proud of accomplishing in my life.

For anyone who might be considering this adventure, you should absolutely try it!!!

Bolin Awesomeness Rating: B B B B B

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 7

How cool is it to win an award for your work? VERY cool in my mind. This week, Edison Creative (aka the geniuses that are Luke and Shawn), won at the Pike's Peak Addy Awards! I envision this to be the Oscars of the advertising world. Luke thinks I'm overplaying it. Regardless, I'm proud. Although I wasn't able to celebrate with them, it was too good of an adventure not to share.

Here's Luke and Shawn with the awards. Sorry about the fuzzy pic!

Bolin Awesomeness Rating: B B B B B

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6

This week was very low key. On a whim, we tried a new place for lunch on Saturday (the Winery - located on the east side of Westroads, near Salon Tino), and were pleasantly surprised. I will say, the environment was interesting. I'm not sure how we always find places that make us feel like we've time traveled back in time to 1992, but we do. This place has pink and aqua walls, and tables and booths that boast ridiculous patterns. It made us laugh. We did, however, enjoy an incredibly cheap and filling meal - a true deli-style lunch. I think we'll probably try it again sometime.

Bolin Awesomeness Rating: B B B B B

Also, this week I ran the longest run I have ever done to date: 10 miles. It goes without saying that my feel hurt after that. Only two more weeks until the big half marathon - can't wait!!!

Bolin Awesomeness Rating: B B B B B (I was REALLY proud of myself, and highly recommend running 10 miles)

Week 4

Coming soon. :) Gotta get those pics off of Luke's phone...

Week 5

Also coming soon...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 3 - New Activity

Fashion show time!

As of Saturday (January 30), the Bolins had never been to a fashion show. Not so now. Saturday evening we attended a local event called Fashion in Salvation - a production displaying local designers, all to benefit the homeless in Omaha. My brosef Shawn and our dear friend Sarah participated in the fashion palooza as well.

It was...fascinating. I wasn't sure what to expect, and maybe secretly hoped it would be like Project Runway. That may have been a stretch. It was, however, a high-energy, show-'em'-what-you're-made-of-Omaha-designers, palooza, which made for an enjoyable experience.

It was packed (standing room only), and there was an incredible buzz as people waited for the show to begin (side note - the show started an hour and a half late. Good thing we didn't get there on time!) Once the show finally started, the models show-cased some of Omaha's rising stars AND some of Omaha's most bizarre people. Check out the video clip for an entertaining glimpse into the world of wacky designers.

Overall it was a fun night! Apparently there's an Omaha fashion week (who knew?!?), so maybe we'll check that out. As for fashion show fun, it was a good "adventure"!

Bolin Awesomeness Rating: B B B B B